Supress repeat instances of shelved alarm

After shelving an alarm, I want repeat instances of the alarm to be treated as shelved until the shelving time has elapsed. The default behaviour seems to be to shelve a single instance of an alarm but future instances of that alarm still appear in the alarm status table.

Is this supported?

Edit: The documentation says repeat instances of a shelved alarm should be ignored but that does not seem to be happening in my case for some reason.

According to the documentation under Alarm Shelving, the expected behavior is that repeat instances of a shelved alarm are simply ignored. Are you asking to have that ignored alarm also get shelved? If so, may I ask why? Are you looking to see the number of times that the alarm went off while there was a shelved instance of it?

Our alarm status table seems to be showing repeat instances of shelved alarms. I.e. there is an entry in the Shelved tab, and multiple occurrences in the Active tab (see screenshots).

I have worked through this with iControls in Australia and found a workaround.

It turns out, this bug only exists when trying to shelve an alarm on a remote tag provider, whose source tag provider has capital letters in the name :roll_eyes:

Changing the spoke tag provider names to snake_case in our hub/spoke gateway architecture solved the problem. This was a pain in the neck for our large Ignition installation because tag providers are referenced everywhere, but ultimately resolved the issue.

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Sounds worth a formal bug report. That is certainly surprising behavior.

Created this bug report :slight_smile:

This is not an official bug report. What you need to do is contact support and report it to them. They can then open an official ticket on this.

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