system.alarm.queryStatus broken in 7.9.5?

I was using this function in 7.9.4 which was working, however after upgrading to 7.9.5, it appears to be broken…

I’ve been trying to test with a simplified case:
system.alarm.queryStatus(source=["*Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling*"],state=['ActiveUnacked'])
but this is returning no results (an empty dataset []), when I have checked there are many alarms within this folder.

If I leave out the source filter and print the source property of the resultset, e.g.
for x in system.alarm.queryStatus(state=['ActiveUnacked']): print x.source
I get a list of presumably all of the alarms, with some fitting the filter above shown below:

prov:default:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling/Tanks/B6869/Pressure/Alarms/High:/alm:Alarm
prov:default:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling/Tanks/B6868/Pressure/Alarms/High:/alm:Alarm
prov:default:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling/Tanks/B6859/Pressure/Alarms/High:/alm:Alarm
prov:default:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling/Tanks/B6852/Pressure/Alarms/High:/alm:Alarm
prov:default:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling/Tanks/B6907/Temperature/Alarms/Low:/alm:Alarm

Am I missing something, or has 7.9.5 introduced a bug with this?

Edit: I was actually originally using path instead of source. I have tried the same code above using both; neither work

Edit 2: I’ve found a workaround for this in the interim which is a little strange…
This works:

system.alarm.queryStatus(source=["*:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling*"],state=['ActiveUnacked'])

This is a known issue which will be fixed in 7.9.6 according this post :

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I’ve found a workaround in the interim. If you add '*:/tag:' to the start it works. This also works with '*:/tag:*'


system.alarm.queryStatus(source=["*:/tag:Winery/Tank Farms/White Sparkling*"],state=['ActiveUnacked'])

system.alarm.queryStatus(source=["*:/tag:*/White Sparkling*"],state=['ActiveUnacked'])

Thanks for the workaround, I’m still in 7.9.4 for some critical apps, so I will wait for 7.9.6 final release

I know this is a old topic, but wanted to note I just went through the same process as nminchin with 7.9.14.

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