我用system.alarm.queryStatus 这条指令获取激活未确认的报警记录,显示有7条报警记录, 但是我在数据库中找不到与之对应的EventID. 如何才能实现报警信息的同步呢?

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I use the command system.alarm.queryStatus to get activated unconfirmed alarm records, and it shows that there are 7 alarm records, but I can’t find the corresponding EventID in the database. How can I realize the synchronization of alarm information?

The alarm_events table gets a separate row for every change that happens to the status of an alarm. You should use the UUID in your SQL WHERE clause to get the rows that apply to a specific alarm. You may also need to JOIN with the alarm_event_data table for additional information. See this part of the documentation:

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quertStatus returns an list of alarms, so to get the IDs, you will need to iterate through the list and get them:

state = ['ActiveUnacked']
alarms = system.alarm.queryStatus(state = state)
for alarm in alarms:

Here is a tutorial that details how to get the other alarm properties in this manner as well: