Hi all,
I want to filter my dataset by using a dropdown list in a binding script
the problem is when get the value from my dropdown list and I do the filter on the dataset it gave me an error

the dataset :

dataset = self.parent.custom.chart_L_sup_p1
nb = 2,self.custom.key
value = system.dataset.filterColumns(dataset, nb)
return value

What is it ?

And why is the nb = 2, self.custom.key line appearing like a link in the snippet ?
edit: I'm thinking you initially surrounded 2, self.custom.key with parenthesis and used a quote block instead of a code block, which made it interpret it like if it was markdown...
Use code blocks instead.

Please use the </> code formatting button when posting code. It will indent properly (important for Python) and give syntax highlighting. You can use the 🖉 edit link to fix your post.

Same question as @pascal.fragnoud, but according to the docs, the 'columns' param is a List of either string or int.

The line given is a Tuple:
nb = 2, self.custom.key

For it to be a List, it should be declared with brackets:
nb = [2, self.custom.key]

Assuming the filterColumns method doesn't covert from Tuple to List, this could be your issue.
Hope this helps.

It does work with tuples.

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I also noticed your edit where OP may have used parenthesis in the declaration, making the nb variable a set, correct? Does the filterOptions method also take in sets?

Parentheses make tuples, sets are made with curly brackets:

this_is_a_tuple = (1, 2, 3)
this_is_a_set = {1, 2, 3}

edit: Unless there's nothing inside the brackets, in which case it makes an empty dict.

I suspect you will be disappointed. This:

nb = 2,self.custom.key
value = system.dataset.filterColumns(dataset, nb)

suggests to me that you want the row where column 2 matches the given key value. That's not what filterColumns does.

If so, see this topic, but reverse its sense: