System.gui.transform inside nested templates

I am having difficulty getting a component to resize and adjust how I want it to. I have a template inside a template that displays a graph with a moving target line. I’m using system.gui.transform to resize the components and move them. This feels like a relatively simple thing to do. It works fine in the designer, but not in the client.

Run chart template with relative sizing, not maintaining aspect ratio on all 3 components and layout enabled:

Card template with layout enabled:

Client (the bottom of the chart won’t appear):

The propertyChange script on the run chart template:

if event.propertyName == "targetRunTime":
	runTime = event.source.runTime
	targetRunTime = event.source.targetRunTime
	totalRunTime = event.source.totalRunTime
	if runTime and targetRunTime and totalRunTime:		
		runHeight = event.source.height * (runTime / totalRunTime)
		runY = event.source.height - runHeight	
		system.gui.transform(event.source.getComponent('Run Time'), newY = runY, newHeight = runHeight, coordSpace = 1)
		targetHeight = event.source.height * (targetRunTime / totalRunTime)
		targetY = event.source.height - targetHeight
		system.gui.transform(event.source.getComponent('Label'), newY = targetY, newHeight = targetHeight, coordSpace = 1)

Anyone have any ideas? I know the x & y coordinates I’m pulling are relative to the template, so I could change that, but it really looks like the height is the issue here because when the bar chart is full the bottom portion is still blank. I’ve tried different layouts (relative, anchored) and different coordinate space, but it won’t resize.

For anybody that stumbles onto this old cold case, I'm working on the same problem here: