T_stamp format of historian


I am using system.tag.queryTagHistory to get the historian values of certain tags.
But when i try to export the table to csv, i noticed that t_stamp format is displaying as below,
only when clicking on cell, full datetime is getting displayed. Any suggestions to overcome this?

Format the column in the spreadsheet. Or open the CSV in a text editor. (Your spreadsheet program is doing this, not Ignition.)

Or, better yet, don't use CSV if you are going to open in a spreadsheet program. Use the Excel export tools instead.

This is an Excel issue, not an Ignition issue. That said, Excel is very, very bad at this. EDIT: Phil beat me to that point.

Unfortunately, even using the built-in functions, Excel rarely uses a useful format.

I updated this function to allow an arbitrary date format, or use the deafult 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'.

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