Tabs, Spaces, and Scripting

Any good editor papers over the difference between tabs and spaces so that it's unnecessary (e.g, a backspace at a 4-space "tab" automatically removes all 4 spaces in one go. This is how it works in VSCode, Sublime, IntelliJ, PyCharm, etc.)

I'm generally pro-spaces, but I'm much more strongly in the camp of "just use an automated formatter and stop bickering about the shape of the code, the AST is the thing that matters". Unfortunately, Python is one of the unicorns with semantic whitespace, so this kind of debate rages forevermore. And obviously Ignition's situation is far from the ideal software development workflow (much as I'd like to change that over time).

Wait, are you indenting with 3 spaces ?
What kind of monster are you ?


Haha, no I have never indented with spaces, I just assumed that's what people used :person_shrugging: