TAG reading issue

Hello Guys,
Iam facing some issues while reading tag from ignition designer v7.9.8
Iam using momentary button on screen,through opc server iam assigning tag to button,Boolean tag,which is already defined in s7-1500 plc. when I press momentary button tag is read in plc, but sometimes tag is not read in plc.but when I make plc power off to on ,tag is reading.
iam not able rectify this problem.
any solutions on this problem.???

There are a number of Siemens-specific items that should be checked, but if @chi or @zxcslo have suggestions, follow their advice.

Aside from that, momentary buttons are always a problem if they aren’t connected via a true I/O protocol. The following discussions are focused on Allen-Bradley products, but the issue is the same and the mitigations are similar.

Start here:

[Siemens-specific items that should be checked] these setting are fine,i have made it already.
next point is iam not directly connecting these buttons to plc IO’S.
When i press momentary button i will make data block bit true,for example (db1.dbx0.0) when i release momentary button i will make data block bit false.
some time tag is write from ignition,some times not.

second, i have to enable or disable some Boolean bits of db,which buttons i can use in ignition
momentary ,one shot,control,two state toggle,

Just try it first with the regular button (mousePressed, mouseReleased events)… so that we can find where is the problem… with buttons, with Ignition or with PLC.

i tried with regular button,bit was not getting reset after releasing,bit was continuously set.
i tried with momentary button,iam facing tag read problem in plc,after pressing momentary button,bit is not getting on.when i make power off to plc panel,tag is getting read
i dont understand what is problem?

Show the picture, how you programmed the regular button…

OK, now show how that tag is configured…

Tags are Browisng from S7-1500 through opc
Tag configuartion image taken in offline.