Template Canvas Scaling

Hi All,

I have a window with a template canvas on it, and several objects randomly placed in the canvas. When the user resizes the window with the template canvas on it, scrollbars appear because the contents of the canvas haven’t scaled with the window. Is there any way around this?

I want to determine the size and position of each template myself, relative to the designer-size of the window, so I don’t think that the canvas layout manager is right for me. However, I am open to the notion that I don’t fully understand the layout manager.


I am wondering this too. Is there any way to supply positions to the canvas in designer-coordinates and have the template canvas scale up/down appropriately?

Yo, thanks for the bump. For that project, in lieu of answers, we ended up making it so that the user couldn’t resize the window. Then we figured out the use-cases for different window sizes and programmatically resized the window and repopulated the canvas appropriately.

This forum thread is worth looking at, though. Looking into the topics discussed here might help you find a method that suits you.

Also check out this more recent thread:

which asked my question in a much more intelligent way. If you could fire a property change event on window resize, you could repopulate the canvas to suit it.