Terminate session

The “Terminate this session” button does not work on the Status page of the Ignition web page.

What version of Ignition do you have? The Terminate Session button will terminate the session in the Gateway, however if the client session is still open it will create a new one. The button is only for ghost sessions where there is no client open.

My Ignition version is 7.1.6 .

I found the problem this weekend when no one could log in. I am using the Vision module that is limited to 5 clients. There were 4 orphaned sessions. I could not terminate them. I had to stop the Gateway and delete the .sessions file to resolve the problem.

So just now I tested the “Terminate session” button again. I opened one full screen client on the Gateway machine. I opened the Ignition web page, logged in, and pressed terminate session. Nothing happened. Should it? It sounds like you saying that the “terminate session” button won’t work in this case.

There are 2 things here:

  1. The terminate session button was broken (fixed in 7.1.7 beta-1). So currently it just doesn’t work right.
  2. [del]When it does work, it isn’t effective in killing actual, live clients. This is because the clients re-establish a new session transparently. It should work for the orphaned clients that it was designed for, however.[/del] UPDATE - see below


Without the terminate button, is there any way to get rid of these orphaned clients besides restarting the gateway? I have a gateway that I’d rather not restart with a ghost session “haunting” it.



No, the (functioning) terminate button is the only way short of a restart, but the “ghost” sessions should time out after 10 minutes. I’m guessing that this isn’t working properly or it would have resolved itself by now…

Bump this thread on Monday morn. and I’ll get the name of a logger to turn on if you’d like to troubleshoot this further

FYI - as of 7.1.8 the Terminate link (and the new “Prune abandoned” link) work as expected.