The button’s background being painted the same color as the container

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If button’s background color is (251,250,249) (default color) in Ignition 7.9.9 and you update to Ignition 8.0.1, then button’s background color is painted the same color as the container.

After update, if you open a window in designer (8.0.1), the background color property is established to (204, 255,204) (green), like container , although it is shown as white / gray:


If you close the window (save it) and open it again, the green color is applied:


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Same thing happened to me when upgrading. I had to go through every vision client and manually change them :tired_face:

I think it is a fault that Inducitive Automation must solve.

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I’m closing this thread and moving it back to your original post so that we can follow along there. Please be advised that support has been very busy, so there has been longer than usual wait times. I’m working on having someone get back to you as soon as possible.

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