The next drivers

I monitor those from Ignition via my Nagios system already. Nagios writes the status to a database, Ignition reads it for me.

I also do this

OPTO 22 has a distributed arquitecture that quite nicely matches the product arquitecture.
Although the OPC server does a lot of the work, the Iductive OPC client failto see all the features of the OPTO OPC server.
Can not map IO Devices, tables nor 64bit integers.

I belive it would be a great addition for your software platform.

UA DNP3 forget the rest

DNP3 is an excellent option. We have clients in the electical utilities market that could realy benefit from DNP3.

In the days of smart instruments are we not forgetting ProfiNet.

I have used GE’s IGS (Integrated Gateway Server) on several projects. It is basically a rebranded Kepware Server. The advantage of using IGS is that it comes bundled with several protocals.

One of the protocols tha I have used (it’s a premium protocol) is PING. Basically you add a device with its IP address and it automatically creates two tags for you status where 1 is the device is up and 0 the device is down. The other tag supplies the ping time.

It is very simple to configure BUT it is one of the most usefull OPC drivers I have used. I use it to develop Communications Overview screens where I can show the status of all the devices on the network even managed switches.

Adding this to the OPC-UA server would be very valuable.

Are the Wago drivers that are under consideration also for any of the CoDeSys based systems?

There is a long list of hardware manufacturers that are now using CoDeSys from 3s Software.

As standards oriented as Ignition is, CoDeSys would be a great match.



Add DNP3 to the list.

This topic has been dead for quite a while. Are ther any new drivers on the horizon?
SNMP, DNP3, etc.

The thread is dead. Long live the NEW next driver thread.

6 year later in we still have no FANUC?