To bring the dataset values under the instances created

Yes, I've gone through it as well but its not about perspective there, only about vision is given..

No. Have a read of the user manual regarding using parameters in named queries. The Inductive university has topics covering perspective, thus in particular is about named queries though

You're trying to pass a string into an int?? Before posting, read the error you're getting and try to work it out before asking for help. That error is pretty self-explanatory

My doubt is whether can I able to type the serial number in text field and search in a separate view and to get the tester status like(pass,fail,untested) in instances of each in another view?

Again, you're not using the query parameter in the query, and your parameter is an integer and you're passing in a string

Read the user manual
Go through the Inductive University

Until then, I'm out

Yes, of course. But we can't help you each click. At least, search for relevant knowledge on the online manual.

That's not how parameterized named queries work. But you'd know that if you had watched the IU video about it... or read the doc.

Short and simple version:
If the parameter name is foo, use :foo as a place holder in the query.
Then pass a value to the parameter foo when calling that query.
Make sure the types match.

named queries doc:

IU video (the link is in the doc):

There are 2 videos, one is an introduction, the other one is about parameters.
The total length is 4:48. Less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes of videos, and you wouldn't have to ask such basic questions.


Here I'm getting the required data (TESTERNAME and PASSFAILSTATUS) in named query

But I'm not getting it in the instances of flex repeater

And also the dataset in instance is showing zero rows


Thanks, I've watched this video earlier but I didn't notice the mistake in my code..Now I've changed but how can I make it into instances that must bind in the buttons like this

Instead of making your project for you, I'll try and point you in the right direction, in the hope you see how easy it is to solve when you pay attention and make a little effort:

  1. Look at the error you get:

  2. read the doc for template repeaters:
    Perspective - Flex Repeater - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

  3. find the part describing the instances property:

  4. use a script transform to change your dataset into something the flex repeater can use.

  5. realize that my very first post in this thread did exactly that

The array under instances are getting disappeared whenever I query bind the instances with named query (serialnumbersearch)...

I'm stuck with this point..please help me how can I do this

How can I bind the instance property to dataset.
Do I need to create new path for dataset

Come on !

Here's your dataset:


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"1st arg can't be coerced into a dataset" again, read the error, it's very self-explanatory. You're transforming a string not a dataset.
Btw, you can change the 'return format' of a named query to json rather than a dataset, which may get you what you need

That's done by my colleague, she told me to post and ask how only its coming like this....My requirement is not in the same view.. serial number search in one view and it should display in instances of 10 rows of respective testername and passfailstatus in another view ..

I suggest you wait a few months to fix this issue. Currently, it's beyond your comprehension. ignition is a powerful and feature-rich platform. In my opinion, you need more knowledge and experience to design your function. You fail to understand actions and processes that are obvious and natural. We spent a lot of time helping you with a problem that should have been solved in 5 minutes (and failed), because you didn't know the essence of the problem yourself. Sorry I have to criticize you, but I hope this helps you.
Please try multiple times to understand the previous comment.


A few things here:

  • You come asking for help and show us screenshots where everything is put together. Then, after 5 days and 35 messages, you tell us they're not in the same view. How are we supposed to help you if we don't have the basic information ?
  • So, how is everything set up ? If everything is in different views but still in the same page, you might still be able to access the table's data.
  • But in any case, no matter where things are: You have a table with data. You need that data for something else. If you can't access it directly... just use the same mechanism that's used to fill the table.
    If it's populated by a query... Use that query again.

Though, as was already said multiple times: This is ignition basics. It's VERY simple.
We can help and explain things you don't understand, but in order to do that you first need to learn the basics. If there are things you don't get, that's when you can ask for help.
But you can't just do things randomly and come ask why they don't work every single time. We don't have time for that. And even if we did, I doubt anyone would have the patience required.