UascClientMessageHandler Warning

I’m seeing a ton of UascClientMessageHandler warnings in our logs today. And it looks like we are missing some data in our SQL Bridge.

Any clue what I can do to determine what might be causing this?

What version of Ignition is this? What OPC UA connections do you have configured?


Just the Ignition OPC UA Server

Hmm. High CPU or memory usage maybe?

These warnings mean a response arrived after the request had timed out on the client side of the connection… not usually something I see with the built-in server, but if it’s not overall performance of the gateway then maybe there are some large groups of polled, scripting, or otherwise explicit reads that are taking longer to complete than the timeout.

Good to know. The CPU and Memory usage look typical to me. No big spikes or anything.

Most of what we are doing is w/in SQL Bridge, but they are 'read' instead of 'subscribe' type to ensure we get a snapshot of the data at that moment in time.

Is there any way to track down which tags might be causing the issue?

If the response arrives after a request timeout on SQL bridge, would we miss inserting the data into a connected table?

Okay, so that's probably what the warnings are and why you're missing data...

A good place to start might be looking at your groups that are missing data, figure out which device(s) the tags are from, then go look at the diagnostics for that device. If there's a lot of tags in the group it might not be realistic to read that many at once vs subscribe... but it would have to be a lot. I don't really know what that number would be. Lower if the device is responding slowly I guess.

edit: Errgh, device diagnostics aren't super helpful if you're doing reads instead of subscribes.

Turn the logger Gateway.OpcConnectionManager to DEBUG and see how long it says various read calls are taking.

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Most are in the 10s of ms, but every once in a while I see a 1 minute flat.

Hmm, that would be the timed out ones.

I’d call support so they can get your logs and more information like what device(s) this is happening with, etc…

They’ll probably want you to upgrade at some point if your license allows it.

Will do. Thanks Kevin.

When you say upgrade, do you mean to the most recent 8.0?

Or 8.1?

The recommendation would be to the latest 8.1. The 8.0.x release series was not LTS and is no longer receiving updates.