Unable to launch designer after updating to 8.0.16


We just updated to 8.0.16 and when I tried to launch the designer I got this error that says:

"Error launching application:

The ignition is installed on a linux vm and i'm launching the designer on a windows pc

The designer launcher's version is the latest as well. I also tried launching it on a different pc but had the same error message.

Did any of you encountered this and how did you guys fix it?

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This can also affect clients.

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I think if you delete the jre-win folder and launch again it should work.

We’re aware of this bug and looking into it.

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Beware delete/rename works if you exit from the error, but–at least in my experience–not if you retry from the error dialogue.

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this worked. thank you

Getting the same problem here, after upgrading Ignition version from 8.0.15 to 8.0.16 (b2020082513)
Unfortunately I followed Kevin suggestion with no success.
Very urgent: cannot work any longer!!

Error dialog is:

Attached please find the launch error log.

launch_error_2020-10-01_15-14-57.log (15.0 KB)

One more information if needed: my PC is secured by Kaspersky Internet Security.

Thanks in advance, regards

Do you have a folder called “11.0.7” in the runtimes directory there? Can you manually rename it to “jre-win”?

Hallp Kevin,
my resources\runtimes folder has the following content:

Thanks for your valuable halp

I think you’re one level too high in that screenshot.

Sorry Kevin, you are right. My runtimes folder looks like this:

Can you try launching again? Does that folder have files in it?

The original error was on renaming it from “11.0.7” to “jre-win”, so if you still can’t launch the error should be different now…

side note: why do the filenames in your first screenshot have square brackets around them?

You are right, I get a new error now:
Trying your first suggestion in this thread, now Designer starts! I can go on working, thanks!

Just becuase I'm using Total Commander as file manager ( Total Commander - Titelseite )

Thanks again, regards

Just noted that now under resources\runtimes I have a 11.0.7 folder:
instead of jre-win

Same error here on 8.0.16.
Is there a preventative measure we can take to ensure this doesn’t happen again until there is a fix?

Like maybe always deleting the jre-win folder if it exists?

Will it re-create itself and cause the issue again, or does deleting the folder fix the problem permanently for that one particular user’s profile (directory)?

Sorry for all of the questions–we have deployed to a lot of computers with a lot of users and we’re trying to be proactive.


Deleting the jre-win dir if it exists before launching a client would help if there is a prior failure. The JRE is only dowloaded once per version so after it succeeds there should be no issue from there on out so simply launching a client or designer on a machine should allow you to get a cached runtime (assuming you don’t hit this issue, which the previously mentioned workaround should fix)

It should also be noted that a fix for this is currently submitted for testing and should make it into 8.1.1 and be included in that release (and subsequently, the nightly build in the coming days once it’s merged into the codebase)

Jonathan C

Ok, that makes sense. However now I’m wondering about something else–it appears the JRE (either 11.0.7 or jre-win folder) exists in every users’ .ignition/cache/resources/runtimes folder in Windows. I thought the launcher would use the /jre folder next to the visionclientlauncher.exe file? But now I’m wondering if it uses the JRE in each users’ .ignition/cache/resources/runtimes folder? Some of our computers will have 15+ people logging into them would could mean 15+ copies of the JRE, right?

Yes this is the cache directory. Not only is the JRE stored there, but also all of the jars required for launching etc.

You could place a redirect.txt file in that directory to tell the launchers etc to use a different directory if you want to share it across multiple users. There is a post about it here
It should be noted that the configuration of the launcher would be there as well meaning all users’ launchers would rely on the same configuration which may or may not be desired.

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Just tried the redirect.txt file and that’s awesome! This should be much easier to manage if we ever have to delete/rename some contents of the cache. And it gives us the flexibility for “certain” users to have custom vision-client-launcher.json files by excluding the redirect.txt files in those users’ .ignition directory. And it reduces users’ Profile folder size.

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