Unwanted rounding after modifying a Datatype

I’m still stuck with this problem, I have delivered my application next week. How can I do to help you reproduce the problem?
Can I put my feet on team viewer or other …
Thank you.

Thanks for your help, I am now able to successfully reproduce the issues. I will let the developers know.


Sorry for how long this has taken, but we’ve got this particular issue sorted out. The UDT parameter system was converting numbers to strings and back, with the wrong locale, causing the rounding. This only affected UDT instances.

I need to work with the build team and figure out when we can get a build together for you (it would be 7.5.5 beta 1), but I’ll try to hurry, because I know you mentioned that you’re delivering the project this week.

We’re also working on the other number edit issues as well.


Ok, the value editing issue reported by Chi has also been fixed. Turned out to be a bug in Java that we needed to work around. Both of these fixes should be in the first 7.5.5 beta.


Thank you for taking care of it quickly, i will try it tomorow and i will get back to you.

Any updates?

when the update should be available?

7.5.5-beta1 should be up in a couple of hours.

Also, the developer is still working on a fix for the expression tag issue where using:


was returning an unexpected result. For now, a workaround would be to directly reference the tag using curly braces, which should work fine.

It turns out that the use of “tag()” causes the “+” to be seen as concatenation, so you have to cast the result as a number (such as a float) to get it to work:


7.5.5-beta1 is up now.

It Works !
Good job :thumb_right: