Use a Flex Repeater to select Details

Is it possible to know which embedded view of a Perspective Flex Repeater has been selected? I want an event script when the repeater is clicked which will ‘send’ a value to an adjacent “detail” view. The detail will show data dependent on which subview was picked.
The value I pass will be a subview custom parameter and will be called out in the Flex Repeater instance detail.
I was planning to make a custom parameter on the Flex Repeater which the detail view would reference.
“subview” is referring to the embedded view of the Flex Repeater)

Thank you, that does what I wanted. FYI your sendMessage code snippet has a typo, there should be an “=” after “payload” (that’s for the next viewer of this answer).
I started by trying to script the embedded view, but I couldn’t figure how to get the data to another view. This works and seems efficient.

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Updated, thank you.