Use custom working directory

Hi everyone!
I am an ignition newbie. Just started to explore Deisgn Launcher. I am trying to create “New View” via the project explorer. However I get the following error

View editor cannot be initialized due to browser library error. See logs for more details.

In the log console I see the something like this

From what I understand that it is trying to execute a file (.exe) in my user profile directory (C:\Users). This is blocked by a group policy in the company, hence I see the error. A user with elevated access do esn’t get this error. So my question: How can I specify a custom directroy in a configuration file somewhere (since there are certain locations from where it is possible to run an executable on my computer)? Since most people won’t be having elevated access while working on Ignition.
Any help is appreciated.

This is a jxbrowser thing not really Ignition…

Check out

It looks like you should be able to supply some additional jvm params in your launcher to change the dir according to the docs. The IA people can prob chime in if this should work or not.

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We’re not currently using JxBrowser 7 (soon, though!) but @ryanjmclaughlin’s correct; you need to override JxBrowser’s cache directory. The JxBrowser 6 equivalent page doesn’t mention a JVM argument: - you can try the one Ryan listed, but you may have to wait until we’ve got JxBrowser 7 to use it.

@ryanjmclaughlin thanks. This solution worked and took the extraction of Chromium binaries to a location where running executables are allowed by group policy. :slight_smile:

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