V7.9 EAM Configuring Controllers and Agents quiz is impossible

On my 10th try. The linked to videos for some of the questions don’t seem to have the answers. And “Execute Once, Later” is not a correct answer option since it says “Execute Once, Delayed” on the actual screen!?! Come on! Last time I checked Later and Delayed mean the same thing!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ignition and most of the training has been fine, but as the last quiz I’m taking, it’s leaving a real bad taste!


And “Execute, Scheduled” is not correct since it says “Execute on Schedule” on the actual screen, again - testing that I can something verbatim seems a bit beside the point.

While I never ran into any quizzes that couldn’t be passed, I did find a few question/answers were more about memorizing verbatim than understanding. You can contact the training department directly by email:

Or submit ideas for improvement here:

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