Verge3d send back data to perspective

I have some features and if the module supplies them 1000 USD is good for it.
1 - support custom annotations like accepting embedded view and showing it in 3d engine like 2D layer which always faces to the view. This one is really important.
2 - If possible support cameras and select the camera as the viewport.
3 - Trigger animations (this one is only possible if you support 3ds max animations via conversion)
4 - direct convert obj IFC 3ds max file via the designer interface
5 - the configuration elements are auto-generated base on all objects in the scene.
Item 1 and 4 are very important.

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By the way, how can we change the cube text language from France to use the locale of the client system?
or at least English.
I think it should be detected automatically.
Also please add a property to show and hide the Structure overlay.
Supporting style for cube, Structure overlay and background is really nice.

hi @gnguyen
I would like to add to nader's list

  • Background styling
  • Option to set some part of the 3d not selectable or unvisible by default.
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A fix for message CLIENT_DATA sent from JS, received by server but no perspective message sent

Thanks a lot to @nader.chinichian for bringing me up this issue.

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