Video player component woes (perspective workstation inadequacy?)

i’ve been working on getting camera streams to display in perspective sessions. i have not been taking a fancy approach trying to do RTSP as that is a well discussed dead end for now.

what i’m confounded by is that i can have a video player component that works fine in a browser session but fails to work in perspective workstation.

is workstation missing the simple plugins to display the contents of a perspective component? surely this shouldn’t be?

if this is a known issue is there a resolution date associated?

thanks for any info!

Workstation uses Chromium, which supports a wide variety of video codecs. Unfortunately, support does not mean “for free”. There are various formats (MP4, H.264, AAC, and Widevine - according to our internal ticket) which require a license be purchased through MPEG LA in order for the Workstation browser to allow those formats. If you’re attempting to use those formats in Workstation, I expect you’ll need to contact your sales representative or our support team. You can reference our internal dev ticket which was recently completed in order to support use of these licenses: IGN-2658.

Once you have the license, you will need to supply an additional argument to the JVM and then restart the gateway to use this new JVM property.

This is all information I’ve gleaned from the internal ticket, but it’s not clear why a regular browser works while Chromium (Workstation) does not. It appears that the license we purchased in order to bundle Chromium as part of our own application did not include access to the aforementioned codecs.

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thank you for the reply. i’m a bit surprised as i’m only using an Mjpeg stream, which you’d think would be the easiest of all to display, but perhaps not.

Like I said, it’s not about the ease with which something could be used - it’s the fact that the bundled browser is not licensed to do so.

In a way it’s like Workstation is bundled with basic cable, but if you want to watch ESPN you need the sport package. There’s nothing difficult about your television displaying ESPN, but until you pay the cable company for the premium channels your television can’t do it.

totally fair. i just figured MJPEG would be a basic cable functionality.

Thank you

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