VPN Or Public Gateway

That looks suspiciously like a failed websocket. Perspective clients use a websocket, not plain HTTP, for the client's dynamic data traffic. Some proxy technologies don't support them properly.

I don't recall having to do anything other than having a tunnel, and setting up the public hostname mapped to 8088.

Everything in the browser was fine, but the Perspective app on Android did not work.

Thanks for your reply, I've been playing with this some more. It does seem like the websocket might be the issue although on my local machine when I load the project (which resides on the docker image) it works. On the docker image I only have two ports forwarded 9088:8088 and 9043:8043.

What port does the socket connect on? I havn't been able to find that information.


Same ports.

I figured out I can see the error in chrome. It is definately a websocket connection issue:

In my case using a "_" underscore (noob) in my URL caused wss to not work. While connecting to the gateway page worked. By changing the DNS to a url without underscore, websockets wwere working fine.