Webkit doesn't work in perspective style

I wonder why -webkit css code doesn’t work in perspective style but it work in light.css.
Is there any trick to make it work directly inside component style?

I have this same issue. I would like to use “-webkit-text-stroke” to create a stroke around the text in a label, and I can’t start the style with the hyphen.

UPDATE: Actually, we might be able do this using something like this post: Default Scrollbar CSS Style Change Question

Any update for this issue?

you could hack your way around it with css injecting in a classstyle. Not really perfect, but eh xd
Might aswell use the theme css tho if you already use that

Using a binding and naming it with a dict also seems to work, eventho it gives a warning in the designer. Idk if this will cause any further issues, but it looks to be working.


I love it thanks a lot. Very clever solution.

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