Websocket for real time high performant SCADA

But of course njscada can talk to your RTUs as well on socket.io (web sockets) in addition to mscada and arscada clients (if any!). However On RTUs you have to send packets as stringified JSON files rather than ftp. We have see if nodejs supports FTP client and server npm then it can directly send receive ftp files directly to you RTUs.

Don’t worry. That’s my baby :slight_smile:

I would like to call the front end data server as Commander :slight_smile: My first preference for Commander is customized Ignition. If IA can’t do that, i will look into your offer.

Nevertheless, your njscada experience elevates you as one of the best Ignition experts. My opinion is, you can make more money with Ignition than njscada. Ignition is like Rolls Royce. Whereas njscada is not even a product in the first place. It’s a very good showcase of your coding skills. Can you submit an evaluation copy and compliance statement of njscada to the consultant?. Without this, it will never ever prequalify as a SCADA product anywhere in the world.

I think, you can repackage your njscada for home automation on Ignition Edge platform. If you like. we can discuss at the MQTT thread posted above. i think, you will get very good support from IA too.

Njscada is targeted as an add on to ignition. The front end ftp server can be built in njserver or a third party open source Linux based server that you have used in your project itself! From there data can be pumped in and and out of ignition using jython scripts or njscada.

Another advantage of njscada will be additional interface of arscada and mscada clients if customer prefers.

Regarding your home automation market for njscada it’s possible to integrate with ignition edge thru OPC server. Alternatively it can integrate directly with RTU s on SNMP or ftp protocols without the edge .

How will you collect data from HA devices to the OPC server?.

Sorry for my late and brief responses I am enjoying holidays in Europe till mid June. HA devices I guess communicate over zigbee,modbus, backnet ,modems and rtus We need drivers for these in opc ua server in ignition edge or njscada

No. All those projects have failed and trashed. I have updated my post above. Pls check it.

Which post? Which projects?

HA is not in my mind at the moment.

Yes, Ignition can already do the things you listed in your specs. There is no need for a customized version of Ignition,
just integration work to fit the needs of your client.

There is nothing wrong with any of those protocols. Z-Wave and Wifi to sensors and switches works well. For building automation systems, Modbus and BacNet are popular options. While I dislike Zigbee as a general protocol, none of those methods have “failed”.

I am not going to threadjack that thread. First, you can not use JavaScript inside Ignition. Secondly, the MQTT Engine module from Cirrus Link already handles JSON payloads and creates tags from the structure accordingly. Iff you want to talk to MQTT servers, you need to use Cirrus Links’ modules. They have the domain specific expertise, and the modules work very well.

Jython can handle JSON payload very well inside Ignition via web socket. So why do we need Cirrus Link module?.

Your question inside that thread was

I am stating that the existing MQTT modules written by Cirrus Link and handle JSON payloads.

Let’s continue the discussion in the topic below. It will be more relevant. Thanks.

I guess mr Alamsha wants to know if ignition can receive/send Json payloads directly using Jython without the intervention of mqtt.

My solution is using nodejs server in berween ignition and json payloads (from mr Alamsha!) . It will communicate with ignition on tcp/up socket using my gatewaycomm ignition module and json on the other end.

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I always eagerly wait for your reply. You are a very good teacher and i have learnt certain subtle things in technology from you which is not very obvious. This is the reason, i believe that you know what you claim. Let’s discuss the MQTT stuff in the above link. A hot topic is going on and i would like to know your answer. Thanks…

Well I have nothing to say there as it’s mqtt stuff which I am not conversant with. But I think there is a way of achieving it using jython.

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I will use Django because it speaks the natural language of Ignition. I can use Python on both side. Ignition+Djanago = IgnitionML.