What cause loading resource number increase at startup

I’d like to decrease the startup time for loading perspective session. So what component or setting cause to increase the loading resource number increase at startup?

I answered a similar question here: Tips & trick to decrease startup loading time in perspective

As mentioned on that post, if you have specifics as to the kind of device and network you are operating on, it could help us as we start working on performance improvements.

Hi Perry
Thanks for your answer.
I’m using local wifi and rent a server and setup perspective to access in internet. I need fast loading time for mobile phone application.
Is it possible to load all resources in mobile app in the first place so any project with any resource combination include in it?
I see other companies can load the project in their mobile app so after opening the app only it need get real-time and history data.
Something I can’t understand here is why opening a site like Amazon,YouTube and bank is so fast. What does they do which perspective couldn’t do that?
As for reference please take a look at following link.
It is so fast even if you open it for a first time.

No, but the improvements in asset caching we plan on rolling out in a coming release should have nearly the same effect.

Main thing they do is use smart caching, along with billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and staff that hand-code everything. They don’t need to support a designer, device connectivity, the dynamic creation and management of data structures (tags), etc. They also have full control over every aspect of the operation – they know what hardware they are running on, where, what the networks are like. In essence - they can fine tune to maximize against a very specific set of variables.

If you wanted to create something as performant as Amazon, you could: just build a website that uses Ignition as a data source. You could tie it to Ignition via the WebDev module, and then have full control over the client-side structure. It could be faster loading than perspective and use any technology you want. But I guarantee it’s going to require more maintenance, more specialized staff to develop, cost much more time to implement new features/functionality, etc. People have been able to do this for years with the webdev module, but it’s very uncommon for the reasons stated.

We don’t think our customers generally want to become professional web developers to get good mobile/web applications, and indeed, one of Perspective’s goals was to avoid forcing our users to drop all their knowledge and experience and become web developers. We have a lot more work to do, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job. There are definitely new ideas/things to learn, but there is also a lot of familiarity.

This all to say: we are anything but done with Perspective, and performance is something that is a strong focus right now (in addition to component development). I’m confident there will be noticeable improvements in performance over the coming months.


I have been using webdev for a while and it has worked great for us. We made some great enhancements to our sites recently to tide us over until we migrate to 8 and look better at perspective. I think alot of users have missed out on not using the web-dev for mobile. Of course we don’t do any graphics, so if you are looking for graphics I am sure that would be much more difficult to implement without someone on staff that is highly skilled at html type development.

Thanks. It’s been clear for me now.