1 Second Scheduled Execution Historical Group Missing Data

I am using Ignition 7.8.1 64 Bit on Windows 2008 R2 Virtual machine with 8 GB ram and sufficient CPUs.
Database server is SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit on a very high end machine.

If I create a table and log 20 tags using 1 second scheduled execution in a new historical group. Periodically, I am getting periods of no records which span from couple of seconds to almost a minute even as well. Table is not locked and there is no quarantine as well and no errors.

Group is using store and forward, Memory buffer is 100,000, Store Max Record are 1000000, Store Write Size is 25,Store Write time is 2000, Forward Write Size is 1000, Forward Write Time is 1000.

There are no errors and table is not being used by anything else. What could be the issue here?

Do you have any ClockDriftDetector warnings in your logs?

No drifting errors, nothing goes to quarantine. no slow query execution warnings either.

I am using SQL bridge only with OPC Com connected to local OPC Servers in a redundant Ignition setup.

There are around 600 active groups but a recent requirement requires me to log and process data based on frequent triggers. When I set that group up, I found that sometimes, Ignition is missing the trigger due to which I tried a 1 second logging in a table and found similar behavior.

I assigned 4 GB to java in the wrapper.config so should not have issues from there.

You say you are logging “tags” from a transaction group. Do you mean OPC tags or SQL tags? If the latter, there might be some interaction with your scan classes that are causing problems. One second execution on the transaction group won’t actually make SQL tags update that fast. This is a particular problem when leased scan classes are involved.
Beyond that, I’m stumped. You might need to call in to support.