1200 Tags import from S7-300 PLC

Hi Guys,
Are there tools to import around 1200-1500 Tags from a redundant S7-300 PLC ?
How will the siemens driver of the ignition scada work with the redundant PLCs - What happens when there is a switching between the two PLCs.

Hello Mukul,

To clarify are these tags being exported from an ignition gateway or some third application?

This should not be an issue with importing that number of tags. Due to the fact that these tags are coming form a separate device each tags item path will need to be correctly addressed to the redundant PLC. There exist no native tools within ignition to import and format tags in this manner.

To answer you last question ignitions Siemens driver does not support switching between PLC
If you would like you can submit a feature request at the link below

There are around 1500 tags inside the PLC and these needs to created in the ignition - if there was an import tool which import these from PLC Program to Ignition ?

You will need something that will transform a Siemens export into a form that Ignition can import. There isn't a native tool. Some of the Siemens fans around here might have something you can use. It matters if you are using the PLC's OPC server or are going to use IA's native driver.

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