[12634, 13130] Bring back tag props that used to show up under tag details

We have an Ignition server running on 7.9.10 this server is used as an “I/O-server” for two different front end Ignition servers. This I/O-server hosts all of our tags.

When I run the “system.tag.exists” on the other front end gateway that is running V8.0 to check if the tag exists on the remote gateway the script will result to ‘false’ even though I can see that the tag does exist as it is shown on my Tag browser in designer.
(The tag path is correct.)

Tags are brought in with remote tag provider.

Also the Tag Browser only shows the value and Data type of the tags, but nothing else. So no “last cahnge” metadata or anything else.

Hi Tumeski

We are currently actively working on ensuring that most of the tag metadata that was displayed 7.9.10 is also displayed on 8.0 Tag browser which will include those tags attributes you get from a 7.9.10 remote tag provider. When it comes to the second issue whereby the system.tag.exists script displays false for an existing tag . I was able to duplicate the issue will write an internal ticket for it to keep track of it.


Both of these issues have been fixed in the latest 8.0.3 nightly build.