[13834] Perspective: load screen spinning logo artifacts

Just a comment and very low priority, but I noticed that there are artifacts around the edges on the spinning Ignition logo when you first start up Perspective on both PC and mobile app. Looks like it’s a few bitmaps with single-colour transparency rather than a fully transparency compatible format (e.g PNG). It detracts slightly from the otherwise very clean feel of Perspective.


Hi Nick –

We’re aware of these little visual artifacts, it’s a result of using an animated .gif against the dark background. We’re exploring other ways of implementing the animation like SVG or JSON animations via something like Lottie. We just opened a ticket internally.

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Can we remove these gif’s that appear on startup and use our custom gif?

Based on how new Perspective is, I’d say probably not. But this feature you’re looking for is called white labeling, and should go through your sales rep for actual feasibility.