[14462] Ignition 8 - Easy chart database pen. Pan does not refresh data?

Hi there,

I’m quering data from an easy chart via database pens, and I noted that when using the PAN option in the running chart, it does not refresh automatically the data. Historic pens perform differently, as they update data while panning. I’m using Realtime setting.

Maybe some setting that I’m missing?

Thank you,


I moved your post out of the “Early Access” section, since it doesn’t really pertain to the nightly builds or newer features.

As for your post, it appears to be a bug. It seems like the Easy Chart isn’t polling values for Database Pens in between pans, which is in contrast to how Tag History pens work.

I’ve opened a ticket internally to look at the issue. Unfortunately, I can’t really quote a time frame for a fix.

It’s far from an ideal solution, but you can work around the issue by adding a mechanism to your window that puts the Chart into Historical mode, as the date range selector on the chart is able to trigger a poll for the DB pens.

Thank you very much Paul. The historical mode seems to be a valid workaround since the query is refreshed when browsing the time bar.

Is there a way to refresh the database pens query by scripting?