[14527]Flex Repeater Performance part 2


Same issue from this link: Flex Repeater performance - #3 by Chris_Taylor
I have a test screen with a flex repeater with 100 instances of a simple view. The view has 1 dropdown, 4 textboxes and 4 labels.



I also noticed the javascript vm memory going up after every save in the designer until the browser crashes.
When session first starts.

After some saves in the designer.

@jpark, so far, I haven’t been able to reproduce using a similar simple view with 100 repeated instances; repeated saves in the designer don’t trigger additional fetches of the material.svg library. Would you be able to PM me, or upload, the view(s) you’re using to recreate this?

Yeah let me put something together.
Is the session running from localhost or from the local ip address? I think there are 2 separate issues.
The materials.svg loading hundreds of times seems to only happen when launching the session on localhost.

I am using localhost, yes, and the version should be 1:1 with the nightly build.

I made a fullback of my system into a VM… and the vm doesn’t experience the materials.svg calls.
What’s weird is that the materials.svg call happens on my local system whether I run from my local session, or from a cloud based session.

I’ll check the memory issue now in the VM.

Are the VM and local system both running the same OS?

Yes win 10. Let me try reproducing the memory issue.

any update on this Jae? Still occurring? I am not able to reproduce but want to get this addressed if I can.

I am still getting the hundreds of material.svg downloads from my main system (Whether I run the project locally or from the cloud).
I think the bigger problem I am having is the session crashing in chrome.

For posterity, the 8.0.8 nightly available today should contain some changes that improve performance.

Specifically, we updated some 3rd party libraries that were causing memory leaks. The updated libraries addressed the leaks.

I am running 8.1 and still have performance issues with a flex repeater.

I only have 6 labels in my view and repeat it 3153 times based on a database query (which only takes a single ms to run).
The view takes 5 parameters.