[15264] BACnet/IP Driver

Does Ignition have this driver available yet? (BACnet/IP)

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No, it’s not planned until after Ignition 8.

Kepware’s has BACnet driver if you need immediate access to BACnet devices.

When you say after Ignition 8, does that mean Ignition 9? Do you know roughly when BACNet/IP will be supported?

After Ignition 8.0 would be more accurate. There will be many ‘minor’ versions in the 8.X ‘major’ version, just like there have been in 7.

Until Ignition comes out with a native BACNET driver, we have for years been using a appliance like the Babel Buster 2 (BACNET to ModbusTCP), if you go that route just make sure you have a good back up of your register mappings in this appliance just incase the unit dies (We have never lost one yet).

Hi guys, any update on this driver? I am looking forward to it.

We’re working on an Omron FINS driver right now.

BACnet is on the shortlist though. Probably next. Timeline is probably 8.1+ though.

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Wow that was quick. Thanks for the update.

Another couple of months passed.
Any update for us?

Native BACnet would be really great!

BACnet/IP is still next but we haven’t started working on it.

Once you guys start working on this, do you have an estimated development time and would it be available for Ignition 8 only or also Ignition 7.9?

Ignition 8 only and we’re shooting for Spring 2020 release but still haven’t started.

Thanks for the response!

We could also make use of a Bacnet/IP driver. It would save a lot of hassle I think with our building automation.

It is that time of the year that I am, again, very curious about Bacnet drivers :slight_smile:

In development, still Spring 2020 target.


Hi Kevin,

Any update…?


I think we’ll have a beta available for download today or tomorrow. Just need to get the nightly section of the website updated.


I can’t wait to test this! Thanks :wink:

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I will make a new sticky forum post like we did with the Omron FINS driver with information about how to get started once it’s available to download.

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