[15943] - Grid option in Time Series Chart

Is there a way to show vertical lines on the Perspective Time Series Chart component, similar to the “Grid” functionality in the XY Chart component?

I’m only seeing options for the horizontal lines–I’m hoping that I’m just looking in the wrong place.

@mfrench, there currently isn’t an option to display a grid drawn from axis points. Only to add the horizontal lines as you found. I will open a feature request for grid support.

Thanks! Personally I don’t care for the grid, but a sizable portion of the users prefer it. Having the option would be great.

Hello, is currenly available option to display grid for axis point in Time Series Chart in latest version of Perspective?
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This is still a feature request, so no development has been done toward this end yet. I can bump the request.

Hi there, is there any update on this feature?

We always try to update forum threads once fixes are released in stable versions. You happened to ask at a fortunate time, as this feature is set to release in the next version 8.1.16.

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