[16473] Tab container selected tab underline colour

When using a tab container with a modern menuType, the selected tab is shown with a blue underline. We can then edit styles for the active and inactive tabs.

Is it possible to edit the colour of the blue underline, and if so, which tabStyle property would be used? I’m developing my application with a particular colour scheme to match a logo, and it would be neat to be able to have the underline be that colour, rather than the default blue.


At the moment, there’s no way to edit the color of the active tab underline in modern mode. We can create a feature request to visit this at a later date.


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No problem. Definitely a low priority idea, just wondered if it was possible

I tried investigating the HTML elements and found out that ‘boxShadow’ would help me change the underline colour.
Please see the below image.


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Excellent, thanks!