1756-EWEB on Control Logix and AB Ignition Module

I have seen 2 posts on this AB Web interface Card but no clear answers…

Our Control Logix PLC will be using the 1756-EN2T EthernetIP Card (Slot 2) for Controls communications.
To read and write data from Ignition, we plan on using the 1756-EWEB Controler.
Question 1: Will the Ignition Allen Bradley Driver Module work with the 1756-EWEB and give us access to all TAGs on our Control Logix?
Question 2: Would it be preferable to just select another Ethernet Controler for the PLC? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Why would you use the 1756-EWEB instead of just connecting Ignition via the EN2T and the Logix driver?

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I believe they are saying that they plan on using the EN2T for the local control (i.e. remote I/O). It is often desirable to keep I/O traffic off of the main plant network.

That being said, why the EWEB, a 1756-ENBT would work just fine in this application unless you have a specific need for advanced networking tools such as sockets. For that matter, if you’re using a L8 series controller the connection on controller is all you need and you can forego the extra ethernet card altogether.

When I need to separate control from other networks, I just use another EN2T (never an ENBT any more–too limited). The EWEB cannot do any class 1 communications. It is only useful if you need the web server functionality.

Just like you are saying, we just want to separate both networks.
I think I got my answers from pturmel: We will only get a second EN2T since there is no need for a Web Interface (I imagine even more access and security management to do also…)

Thanks all for your fast reply.