1756-L61/B Rev. 20.019

Has anyone had issues connecting to an AB 1756-L61/B controller running version 20.019? I have been able to connect similar controllers with earlier versions without issue but have difficulty getting this controller to read. Recreated and verified addressing and slot information. No issue connecting to it and going online with RSLogix. Just can’t get a good connection in Ignition. When using Quick Connect values come back as bad. I am using the Legacy AB ControlLogix driver for ver. 20 and prior.

Try the newer driver. Rockwell, bless their hearts, updated the security in the firmware at 20.19.

Being on firmware 20.19 is a worst-case scenario for performance. You have to use the newer Logix driver but it also doesn’t actually support the newer instance-based tag reads so the driver has to fall back to symbolic access.


Thanks. Will check it out.