1783-NATR to 1769-L18-ER v31.11 OPC-UA


Similiar to the thread linked, I am unable to connect to a Compactlogix processor with my Ignition gateway (v7.9.9).
I can ping the compactlogix from the server with no issues, and I can get online with and program the PLC with no issues.

Typically we use 9300-ENA as our NAT devices, but as the 1783 is considerably cheaper, and takes up less panel space, I am trying a POC to use this router instead.

NAT rules:

I’ve tried editing the custom rules on the PLC connection. I’ve opened up tcp/udp port 44818, tcp port 49320, but this does not seem to have any effect.

I’ve added the device on the gateway, and if I add an “IsConnected” tag, it will show True for about 10 seconds, and then go to bad quality.

If I add any controller tags, they always show up as bad quality immediately.

Hoping someone else has run into this same issue and found a resolution they can share.

Been using one of these for a number of years with a CompactLogix L33R v24 on a DLR. Can you show how your Public and Private networks are configured? There is nothing special required on the Ignition side.

does the OPC device with the tags in question say it is connected?

I figured out the problem. It had been a long day at the office when I went to setup the device in Ignition. Instead of using the IP address of the PLC, I used the NATR public port address, which was just off by 1 from the PLC. It was throwing me, because the “IsConnected” device diagnostic tag was showing True. I guess the NATR is just enough like a PLC from Ignition’s perspective that it was able to fool Ignition on some level. :confused:
Anyway, after posting the question I went back and double checked my settings and realized my mistake. As you’d expect, it’s working perfectly now.

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