2 gateway with 1 historian


I would like to setup a gateway in the cloud. This gateway would connect to another gateway located in the facility.

From the cloud gateway, will I be able to get history from the other gateway? Do I need to buy historian module in the cloud gateway to show historical data from the local gateway?

Thank you.

If I understand correctly, you want clients on the cloud gateway to be able to access history from the facility gateway. To do this, you need the historian module installed on the facility gateway and on the cloud gateway. However, you only need to license it on the gateway storing the data (I’ll assume this is the facility gateway here, but you could do everything the other way around too). On the cloud gateway, setup a remote history provider and point it to the history provider on the facility gateway. Give the remote history provider on cloud gateway and the history provider on the facility gateway the same name if you’d like one project to work seamlessly on both gateways.

Yes this is exactly what would like to do. Thanks for the informations.