2 State Toggle cannot change two states

I use 2state toggles.
However I can’t change state1 to state2 although I click buttons.
I tag Control vaue and indicator value with the same tag, but I’m not sure what this value mean.
For example, when the value of the tag B is 1, it is in state 2, and when the value of B is 0, it is in state 1.If I press the button at state 1, the value of B will automatically change, and I want to display the button in state 2. I’ve just started Ignition Designer and there are many things I don’t understand.

What are the State 1 Value and State 2 Value set to?

For State1 and State2, the initial values of 0,1 are entered.

When you are in State 2 and the button is clicked, then the State 1 Value is written to the control value. If you are in State 1 and the button is clicked, then the State 2 Value is written to the control value.


If I understood your issue, when you click the button, the control value changes but the state doesn’t update. Is that correct?

Right. When I click the button, the State Value and the Control Value are linked, but the display and state of the button do not change from state 1 to state 2, so even if I click the button twice, it will not return to the original state.