2 User source connections, 1 project

Our company is split into 2 regions. Each region has its own internal Microsoft AD.

Up until now, only one region has accessed the project (dashboards etc) so it was their AD/internal user source that was in the project connections, now we want to allow the other region to access the project. Since their AD is a sperate connection it will be an additional user source in the gateway but I cant add two user source connections in the project.

I can however, specify a soft fail over to the other AD/user source which will work but that seems like a plan B method. Is there an option A ?

A soft failover is how I do it.


Not sure what option you'd prefer over a soft failover here, to be honest. A module could introduce a "user source splitter" or something...but it would have exactly the same functionality as a soft failover (with the minor benefit of perhaps being a little easier to configure).

I didn't know if there was something I was missing in the settings to combine user sources.

We already use the fail over option to a DB user source for adding temp users that are not part of our AD.
Can the fail over user source then fail over again ? AD - AD - DB

Yes, if the failover source has its own failover source configured, it will keep going.
There might be a limit set up, I've never tried to see how deep it can go.

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There can be an indefinitely long chain, but cycles are prevented.

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