2-way Email Link Problem

Hey guys,

I noticed after upgrading to 7.6.1 RC5 that the links sent in e-mails are not working properly. Ignition sends the link but the whole link path is not included in the actual link. If you look at the example below, everything up until the “=” sign is included in the link, but if I click that link then it will take me to a page that say there are no current active alarms. If I manually copy the link with the “=” sign and paste it into my browser then it takes me to the correct alarm to acknowledge. previously I had RC3 installed and this was working fine. FYI. Thanks!

Looks like your email client isn’t interpreting the ‘=’ as part of the link :frowning:

:cry: indeed. We’re using a pretty popular e-mail client, Exchange server 2010 and Outlook 2007.

I’ll update the email profile so ‘=’ signs don’t get included.

Awesome, thanks!