200 Realtime SQLTags Providers

What’s the effect of the Ignition Gateway if i have more than 200 Realtime SQLTags Providers???
i used ignition in Telemetry application for different sites.each site working as separate project.
i will make SQL tag provider for each project. Alarm Table realtime and History will be separate for each project.
Is there any effect for that??

Also, for Alert Storage Profile. is needed to do Alert Storage Profile for each Project?? or i can use same profile for all but how can i request only the storage Alert which related to the certain Project??


Technically there really is no a reason why this will not work. However, we haven’t tested anything like this before. This may not be the most effective solution either. You will have to define and set up scan class information for each of the providers individually, but other than being an inconvenience this really shouldn’t cause any problems.

As a different solution, you could put each site under a different folder and then use indirect addressing and query filtering to separate the data.

As for the Alert Storage profile, you can query the data from there and filter by the Path or Display Path of the tags related to the site you want. So you would really only need one storage profile.

thanks dave .I did as you mentioned .each Project have it’s own Tag folder and filter for alarm table and alarm Storage table.

Thanks a lot. Support here something different.