2FA, step by step

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I’d like to set up 2FA on Ignition with an identity provider like OKTA.
I have read the documentation but there is no step by step guide how to do it for 2FA.

Can someone who has done it help me, please?

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Just to make sure, have you already checked this example below?



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Yes, I have seen that example, but it does not explain how to configure 2FA (enter a code sent by SMS or email, or Google Authenticator).
I understand that this is configured in the identity provider and that is why it is not explained in that tutorial.


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@ISEMAREN_AAG I believe the 2FA configuration is entirely held inside your selected auth source, Okta in your situation. Ignition is only facilitating the initiation of the authentication, once your selected auth source has concluded the its authentication (whatever steps you configure in that auth source), it will provide a response document. At that stage Ignition can parse out the response document.

I could be wrong here, but I would look into your Okta administration to enable and setup 2 factor authentication.