2nd tier of 2-tier tab disappearing after using it to navigate

I have implemented the 2 tier tab navigation strategy on my project by following the guide from Inductive University, however I have an issue…
When in run mode, if I click on the top tier and then on the bottom tier from the tabs that have appeared, the bottom tabs disappear after swapping windows.
Can anyone help? I’m sure it must be something simple that I’ve missed.

I have the top tabs with disabled navigation mode and the bottom are swap to window.
I have added an expression to the visibility property for the bottom tier:
{Root Container.First Tier Tabs.selectedTab} = “Section1”
Each of the tabs on the second tier are linked to main windows and they open normally but the 2nd tier of tabs disappear and “Section1” on the top tier is deselected.

I have the exact same problem

Is your top tier selectedTab bound to anything? (it shouldn’t be)

Top tier has a bound from the template:


“Main Windows/Overview”,
“Main Windows/Alarms”,
“Main Windows/Empty”,
“Main Windows/Settings”,

“HMI Screens”,
“HMI Screens”,
“HMI Screens”,

“HMI Screens”)

Changing “HMI Screens” to “Section 1” will work but I don’t understand it yet.

The only tier nav that should have its selectedTab bound are the 2nd tier navs where you’re actually swapping the pages out. The top tier shouldn’t have its selectedTab bound.

Also, instead of using switch in expressions, consider using case as it’s far more intuitive:

    ,"Main Windows/Overview", "HMI Screens"
    ,"Main Windows/Alarms", "HMI Screens"
    ,"Main Windows/Empty", "HMI Screens"
    ,"Main Windows/Settings", "Administration"
    ,"HMI Screens"

I took out the bounding and it worked! Thank you!

I wonder why the template comes with it

I also wonder why the template comes with that flashing red/yellow alarm count component that uses a runScript expression to query the alarm status table when this can cause significant performance issues…