3 different Ignition Instances


I don’t know if it’s possible but I’d like to run three different instances of ignition. Obviously using different ports.

I’m thinking in this configuration because i have three different plants in different servers and in a failure case, I’d like to restore the service with my other servers backups.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


Yes, it is possible. Here’s the way to go about installing them:

  1. Download the “zip file” package. Extract it into the folder where you want that Ignition install to live.

  2. Edit the “ignition.conf” file in that directory. Scroll down to the bottom and find “wrapper.name” and “wrapper.displayname”. Edit those to be unique for the install. (ie “Ignition 1”, “Ignition 2”, or use the cutomer’s site name)

  3. Edit the “config.xml_clean” file and change the port to something that isn’t in use, for both HTTP and HTTPS

  4. Now run “install-ignition”, and after that, “start-ignition”, if you want to start.

After getting your projects loaded up, you’ll likely want to set the services to Manual startup in Windows Service Manager.

Hope this helps,

And what happens with licenses. Do I need two more licenses for the other servers backups?

can i use the same license that i use in the main server?

Thanks again

The license file from the main server won’t work on the backup.

Technically we’d treat this just as if it was a virtualized system, so you’d need additional licenses.

Since this is a cold-standby situation you might be able to working something out - talk to your account rep.