3 dots appear on the right side of label

Hello everyone,
I am trying to show the resulting data of a query on a label but every time 3 dots appear on the right side:

I know that probably this space is causing me to have these 3 dots but every time I erase that space, it appears again!

Do you how should be able to get rid of these 3 dots?
Thank you!

The spaces are coming from the result of the query, so when you manually change it, it is updated again with the value from the binding.

You will need to remove the whitespace inside or prior to the binding.

One way would be to use the Trim() function inside of the SQL statement.

Select TRIM( YourColumn ) FROM YourTable

If you don’t want to do that, you could also create a custom property and bind that to the query result and then use an expression binding with the trim expression on the label


It actually WORKED!!!
Thanks a million!!!