32 bit to 64 bit - Verifying Steps

Hey folks,

Working with a client who is currently running a 32bit installation of 7.9.1. I’m planning on upgrading to 7.9.2 - 64 bit.
Is there a knowledge base / recommended order of operations? I am aware that it is unlike a standard upgrade, in that you must fully uninstall the 32bit ignition and reinstall 64. Unsure about java uninstallation, or if there are any other common pitfalls to be aware of.

Gateway backup
Uninstall ignition 32bit
(Uninstall 32bit java?)
Install Java 64bit
Install Ignition 64bit
Gateway restore - reintroduce projects individually to confirm function

I’ve done this process on our local test machine and it appears to work fine, though the gateway is slow to start after switching from 32 to 64bit, resulting in this line of questioning.

Thanks in adavance,

Make sure you take a look at your memory settings in ignition.conf. While java objects themselves don’t take any more RAM in 64-bit mode, the JVM itself has more overhead due to pointers being twice the size. This difference also impacts java’s JIT to native code, as pointers there will be twice as large, too.

Hey Phil,

Thanks for your reply! It was actually the system’s memory usage patterns getting progressively higher, eventually resulting in a system fault that started this whole event.

Several of your posts on this very matter led me to a x64 upgrade, followed by a possible G1 usage changover, and definitely upping memory allocation to the program.

The only thing I wasnt clear on was whether I should remove the 32bit java install.

I’m glad you commented. If I run into any problems, I’ll let ya know.