3rd party integration

We’ve talk in the past about web services for accessing data inside ignition.

Have you given any thought about getting information into ignition from other places? I’m not talking about OPC.

Most of our customers already have a GIS system to track every piece of equipment they own. Where it is, what’s it connected to, etc. This changes daily. If we can access this data and use it to drive the screen layout of the control system (ie: ignition) that would remove a big stumbling block to making sales.

Without this ability the customer has to maintain the same information in multiple places. A lot of our customers just don’t bother.

The GIS system can usually be configured to dump any changes on a regular bases eg: weekly.

Would the new vector based drawing package support programed drawing methods? With say multi layer zoom decluttering?

This sounds like an interesting discussion, but I’m going to need a few more details.

  1. Are you asking if Ignition can consume the data from the GIS system? Or does this “dump” you speak of already exist? Not sure what the “question” was for this part. We have talked about adding the idea of web services as a more 1st class entity for both data exposure from Ignition and data import to Ignition, but no solid ideas or demand has materialized as of yet.

  2. Can you explain your last sentence more? Do you mean something like the Paintable Canvas?

I’m in town this week. Let’s have that discussion.