3rd Party OPC Server Tags Need Restarting After Restarting Ignition OPC-UA Module

I have run into an issue where every so often I have to reboot the Ignition OPC-UA Module when some of our tags coming from a 3rd party OPC Server (Top Server v5.10) fail to update. This I believe is due to an issue on our 3rd party OPC servers end. However, after rebooting the Ignition OPC-UA module, some of the tags coming from the 3rd party OPC server fail to reconnect (Quality = Bad). To get them to reconnect, I have to manually right click them or the folder they are in and select “Restart Tag” from the designer. I’ve done some experimenting, and this seems to happen only on tags coming from machines which were powered off at the time of rebooting the OPC-UA module, and only occurrs on tags from those machines that have the same value as the last known value recorded by Ignition. I also checked, and when the value of a tag that meets the above criteria changes within the PLC, the data quality in Ignition changes to good and the value in Ignition is updated. I wouldn’t have an issue with this if it didn’t cause the views I have set up to be littered with red exclamation marks on the tags that haven’t updated. Any ideas or suggestions you guys could offer me would be much appreciated.