4k 32” - bid daddy monitors

Hello all

I want to buy 2x 4K monitors 32”, and in Jurassic park style…. Spare no expense

I don’t want to find that scaling issues or other stuff ruin my new toys as I live in designer pretty much full time….

Is anyone else already doing this?
Is it working flawlessly?
Or should I hold off?

A lot of other posts seem old so….


Yes. As long as your computer has the prerequisite graphic processing hardware, the designer will work great with two 4k 32" monitors; many of us are using them.

Here is a separate post where this sort of thing is discussed:

I have a 27" 4K and a 27" 2K. Just make sure you set windows scaling to 100%, as always, and you'll be good. If you don't want to go 100%, dont waste your money; get a lower res monitor

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